Video: Obama Makes Fun of the Warriors During Cavs White House Visit

The entire sports world has spent the last five months making fun of the Golden State Warriors for blowing a 3-1 lead in the Finals. No matter what was happening in the world of sports, or the world in general, people would find a way to bring it back to the Warriors.

So it’s no surprise that when today, when the Cleveland Cavaliers visited The White House to celebrate their championship, noted jokester and sports fan President Barack Obama took his chance to make fun of the Warriors on a public stage.

It’s a pretty light-hearted shot from the Chicago native. Although I’m sure he let some much more wild burns fly in off-camera conversations with the Cavs players.

The Cavs are off to a pretty great start in the new season. So perhaps they will take Obama’s comment as a slight and try their hardest to cement themselves as the greatest team of all-time. As a Warriors fan, I definitely encourage them to try.

Before their visit, Cavs forward Richard Jefferson made a joke about President-elect Donald Trump, saying he was “excited to be the last NBA team to visit The White House for the next four years.” The nature of these White House visits will certainly be much different under President Trump, if they happen at all.

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