NBA Rumors: Brandon Knight Likely to Be Moved This Season

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During the Phoenix Suns attempt to rebuild post-Steve Nash, they have had a number of different talented guards, but have struggled to figure out which ones to commit to.

After a backcourt of Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe nearly led them to the playoffs, they brought Isaiah Thomas aboard. It blew up the chemistry, and before they knew it, Dragic and Thomas were both in the Eastern Conference and the Suns had Brandon Knight.

Now, the Suns have found their true star in second year guard Devin Booker, and once again have an odd guard out.

With Bledsoe’s strong defense and playmaking, he is probably a better fit next to the star shooter Booker. So unsurprisingly, Knight is likely headed out of Phoenix soon.

Suns general manager Ryan McDonough recently went on the Burns & Gambo radio show in Phoenix and proclaimed (A) that he isn’t actively trying to trade Knight and (B) that he’d prefer to take at least two months to evaluate his team before seriously considering trades. None of that, however, has stopped interested rivals from believing that the struggling Knight — who started two games this week with TJ Warren out but mostly comes off the bench for the Suns — will be made available.”

— Marc Stein via ESPN

Knight has had an up-and-down career, but he is a great shooter and was a borderline All-Star for Milwaukee before he was traded to Phoenix.

He could be super valuable for a team desperate for guard play, like the Philadelphia 76ers or the Orlando Magic.

What the Suns will be asking for in return is a bit more of a mystery. They have some interesting young players at every position, along with Tyson Chandler who is locked up for a couple more years. They would be wise to look for a wing or some good draft picks.

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