NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Think They Can Sign Stephen Curry in 2017

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Ever since the Golden State Warriors signed 2014 Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant, speculation around the league has run wild on all fronts. Some people feel like every Larry O’Brien trophy will end up in Oakland (or San Francisco) for the next five years; some people feel the chemistry will be toxic, and Stephen Curry will be headed elsewhere during his 2017 free agency.

Recently, NBA reporter Ric Bucher offered some more specific speculation. Bucher reported that the San Antonio Spurs feel the Warriors’ signing of Durant is the first step to Curry becoming a Spur in 2017.

“I think the Spurs are looking at the fact that Kevin Durant came into Golden State and that Kevin Durant may take up some of the superstar space that was previously occupied by Steph Curry… and when Steph Curry becomes a free agent, I think they are going to go hard at Steph Curry.” Bucher said.

It’s at once wild speculation from Bucher and pretty obvious. Like Durant and LeBron before him, every team in the league will try to get a meeting with Curry. It is fascinating that a respected team like the Spurs feel they have a legitimate shot at the two-time MVP though.

Of course, if the Warrior win the title this year, the discussion is pretty invalid. It would be stunning to see Curry leave Oakland if they win their second title in three years. If LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers can execute another upset though, anything is possible. It’s also important to remember that Durant has a player option to become a free agent after the upcoming season.

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