NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Looking for Right Trade Offer for Paul Millsap

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The Atlanta Hawks finally made major changes in this past offseason with the departure of long time center Al Horford and point guard Jeff Teague. They replaced Horford with Dwight Howard and handed the starting point guard position to Dennis Schroder.

If the Hawks thought these moves would finally vault them into the same tier as the Cleveland Cavaliers, it appears they were sorely mistaken. Just two years after winning 60 games, the Hawks now sit just above .500.

Their best player remains forward Paul Millsap, who has an option to end his contract with the Hawks at the end of this year. Word is now that Millsap may not be in Atlanta when that option comes around though.

The full report also revealed that the Hawks are taking offers for two of their wing players, Kyle Korver and Thabo Sefolosha.

These are clear signs of a team looking to start over. They want to trade their best player and two key rotation guys.

The only remaining mystery is what the Hawks are looking for in return. Are they looking for players who will fit with Dwight Howard?  Or are they looking for young talent and picks, with the intention of trading Howard later on?

No one knows yet, but there are several teams who should break the bank and trade for Millsap. He could be the difference between a mid-tier playoff team and a legitimate contender, in the right situation.

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