NBA News: Paul George Looking For Contract Extension

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The thing that has had the biggest impact on the NBA this decade is unhappy superstars leaving the team that drafted them once their second contract expires. LeBron James to the Miami Heat, Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, and now Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors have shaped the face of the league over the past six years.

Apparently, Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George isn’t interested in being the next name on that list. According to Bob Kravitz, George has already started talking to the Pacers about a contract extension.

This is great news for Pacers fans everywhere, but is also somewhat surprising. The Pacers barely slipped into the playoffs last year, and then fired coach Frank Vogel, widely known as one of the best coaches in the league.

The Pacers seem to be a long way from contending, but apparently George is in it for the long haul.




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