NBA News: Kevin Durant Talks About Promising Westbrook He Would Rejoin Thunder

Over the last few days, there have been conflicting reports about a meeting between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook that happened a few weeks before Durant’s free agency. ESPN writer Royce Young originally reported that Durant told Westbrook he would return to Oklahoma City, before eventually leaving for the Golden State Warriors. Then, Young walked back the report, saying Westbrook merely left with the impression Durant would be back.

Now, Durant has set the record straight. According to Shams Charina of The Vertical, Durant has confirmed that he never told Westbrook he was coming back to OKC.

This follows a quote yesterday where Durant took a shot at the Thunder fans who were upset over his departure.

Durant’s move to Golden State is off to an expectedly dramatic start. Unfortunately for him, the talk will probably continue until he can actually play in a Warriors’ uniform and silence the critics.

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