Video: Kanye West Rants About LeBron James Before Cutting Concert Short

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LeBron James has always been one of the recurring characters in rapper Kanye West’s musical universe.

Kanye has called himself the LeBron of rhyme and he had a verse on “Forever,” the Drake song from the soundtrack of the LeBron Documentary, “More Than A Game.”

Now, James appears to be on Kanye’s mind once again.

The rapper had a tumultuous appearance in Sacramento last night, where he spent most of his time on stage ranting instead of performing. He took shots at Beyonce, Jay Z, and Hillary Clinton, while once again praising Donald Trump.

Just before he cut the show short, he brought up LeBron.

Kanye assumes the press will make racist, passive-aggressive, LeBron James comments about him leaving stage early.

It doesn’t seem like he is insulting LeBron, though when Kanye is in this mode it can be difficult to comprehend things fully. Instead, he is probably referencing the media reaction to LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami, or the general perception of James as a player throughout his career.

Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins attended the concert along with a few of his teammates. He was understandably bummed about Kanye’s decision to end the night so soon and expressed his feelings on his Snapchat.

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