Stephen Curry Takes Shot at Milwaukee Bucks Fans

Last season, the Golden State Warriors historic 24-0 start was brought to an end by the Milwaukee Bucks. The Warriors were at the tail end of a seven game road trip and on the second night of a back-to-back, but it was an impressive win for a struggling Bucks team regardless.

The Milwaukee fans were rightfully excited, and commemorated the occasion with t-shirts reading “24-1.”

The Warriors took that a bit personally. And as they get ready to play the Bucks for the first time this season, reigning MVP Stephen Curry has made it clear that it is still on his mind.

People gave the Warriors a hard time over their reaction to their loss in Milwaukee last year. They’re famous for their arrogance and gloating on-court, yet were furious at the Milwaukee fans and players alike for being excited about the win.

The “24-1” shirts were pretty embarrassing for sure, but the Warriors also have to understand their position. When you talk the talk and walk the walk of the best team in the world, people will hold you to that standard.

Especially when you walk that walk as flamboyantly as the Warriors do. Hopefully they can follow in the footsteps of their coach and have a better sense of humor about it going forward.

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