Cavs Interested in Trading for Rajon Rondo and Mario Chalmers

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As fate would have it, teams have apparently NOT learned their lesson when it comes to trading for Rajon Rondo. The team in question this time is none other than the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

After the Cavs succumbed to the Chicago Bulls 106-94 on Wednesday night, it was LeBron James himself who made a point to tell reporters that the Cavs lack a reliable back-up point guard:

“That was obvious from day one, first day of training camp,” James said. “We don’t have a reliable, veteran backup point guard.”

As of late, Cleveland has been plagued with the injury bug, most notably Kyrie Irving, who didn’t play during the loss, so the team had to look to Jordan McRae or Kay Felder, a rookie, for aide.

“Kay’s in the process of learning on the fly,” James said of Felder. “He’s a rookie and is going to have his mistakes and things of that nature. It’s tough on him because we’re a franchise trying to win a championship. He has to have a fast-track mind. But we don’t have a backup point guard.”

Because they were playing against Chicago, it was hard not to notice troubled point guard Rondo just sitting on the bench. Regardless of his issues with teams and coaching staffs in the past, Rondo is still a former All-Star who is apparently wasting his talents by sitting. The Cavs could find a Rondo trade extremely attractive at this point to fill that back-up point guard shaped void.

Another player Cleveland is keeping an eye on is Mario Chalmers, who is a free agent now after suffering a torn Achilles last season.

In order to sign either player, the Cavs would have to make room on their roster, which currently has no open spots. Could be some interesting cuts coming their way if Cleveland has any hopes of obtaining a desirable veteran PG.

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