Carmelo Anthony Calls Out Ref For Having Personal Grudge Against Him

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Last night, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony was ejected from a game for the ninth time in his career after arguing with referee Tony Brothers over a loose ball foul.

After the game, Anthony’s wife took to Twitter to complain about the call and Brothers as a referee specifically.

When asked about the altercation today, Anthony echoed his wife’s sentiments.

I don’t want to say that it’s personal but I always feel like it’s something.”

— Carmelo Anthony via The Score

Brothers was the referee in the game in 2013 when Anthony and then Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett almost got in an on-court fight over comments Garnett allegedly made about Anthony’s wife.

As this tweet points out, Brothers is now responsible for calling a disproportionate 23 of Anthony’s 122 career technical fouls. Crews that Brothers has been a part of have called 41 of those technicals.

Anthony’s teammate Derrick Rose agreed that Brothers has a personal bias against the former Denver Nugget.

It’s rare to see a player so personally and specifically call out a referee, so we will see if the league gets involved. Players and coaches alike are often fined for criticizing referees publicly, but perhaps the league will asses the situation and take Melo’s side.

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