Boston Celtics Interested in Klay Thompson

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According to Boston Celtics analyst Brian Scalabrine, it looks like the Boston Celtics are highly interested in trading for splash brother Klay Thompson.

It’s best to take “Klay Thompson on any team other than the Golden State Warriors” rumors with a grain of salt since his chemistry with teammate Stephen Curry is off the charts. Simply put, the Dubs wouldn’t be the same without the sharpshooter regardless of the fact that he’s currently struggling (shooting 31.9 percent from beyond the arc to start the season off, which is below his career average of 41.7 percent).

Plus, who on earth do the Celtics even have that matches Thompson’s caliber on the court?

If the Warriors do end up trading Klay, chances are it would be to a team that can offer a hell of a lot to offer rather than “Klay would look stellar in green”.

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