7 NBA Players That Kobe Bryant Gifted His Shoes To

Kobe Bryant has been an iconic player for many players in the NBA. He has shown everybody time and time again what it means to work hard and have a heart of a champion.

Upon special request, Kobe has given seven lucky players his game shoes as a gift to remember him by. These players have idolized Kobe at one point or have been great friends with him. When asked about the shoes and who he was giving them to, he had this to say:

In fact, on average Bryant brings about five pairs to each road game — and as many as seven in at least one instance — because he knows the demand is especially high.

So what are the requirements for receiving an autographed pair?

“Why? You want some?” Bryant joked when he was asked this week.

“Nah, generally guys that got the cojones to ask, I give it to them. I’ve got plenty of them back there, so I’m not going to run out, so it’s all good.”

–via ESPN

We hope you enjoy these seven special players that Kobe Bryant has given his shoes to.

7. Lebron James

If you don’t know by now, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have mad respect for each other. The two have been friends ever since LeBron joined the league. James and Bryant had major history on the USA basketball team and James has been on record saying only the most respectful things about Kobe. NEXT: 6. Kevin Durant


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