DeMarcus Cousins Hints at John Wall Joining Sacramento Kings

The University of Kentucky has an amazing legacy of producing high quality NBA talent.

Across the league right now, there are various Kentucky alums doing big things. There are superstars like DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento, John Wall in Washington, and Anthony Davis in New Orleans. There are quality starters like Eric Bledsoe in Phoenix, young bigs with potential like Nerlens Noel in Philadelphia, and many more everywhere you look.

There is often talk of a potential Kentucky superteam forming somewhere around the league with Kentucky coach John Calipari taking the helm. It makes sense too with the current disgruntled nature of Kentucky’s three strongest players, Davis, Cousins, and Wall.

While Davis is still likely a ways away from leaving the Pelicans, former Kentucky teammates Wall and Cousins could realistically join forces soon. Yesterday, Cousins confirmed that it’s something he’s hoping for.

The most encouraging thing here for Kings fans is that Cousins is talking about Wall joining him in Sacramento, not the idea of them teaming up in Washington or elsewhere.

Obviously, Cousins doesn’t want to talk about leaving his team while he is in the middle of a season, but with how imminent his departure from Sacramento often seems, it would be hard to blame him.

Meanwhile, Wall should be headed out of Washington any day now. The team is an outright disaster, the chemistry is horrible, and Wall needs to get back to the playoffs while he is still young.

Is Sacramento the place to do that though? Wall and Cousins could be a great fit, but they would need a lot of shooting around them. Sacramento doesn’t have that, and Cousins has never seen a winning season there.

It makes a lot more sense to me for them to pick a team and meet up there.

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