Report: Chris Bosh’s Career Likely Over With Miami Heat

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For the last two seasons, things have ended in tragedy for Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh. Two promising seasons cut short by a health affliction equal parts rare and scary. The blood clots that have sidelined Bosh two years in a row are not just a threat to his career — but his life as well.

Now, it appears things won’t be getting better for the two-time NBA champion anytime soon.

The wording of this tweet from Woj is interesting. He says Bosh’s career with the Miami Heat is believed to be over, not his overall career. But what would be the Heat’s motivation for sidelining him if he could actually play? Bosh is the difference right now between a contender and a fringe playoff team for the Heat.

The worst-case scenario for Bosh: the Heat are truly looking out for his best interests and he will never be fit to play in the NBA again. The best-case scenario: the Heat have ulterior motives — they possibly want out of Bosh’s contract — and he will be ready to play for another team soon.

Either way, everyone is wishing only the best for Chris Bosh — a truly amazing player, teammate, and person.

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