NBA News: Chris Bosh’s Career Officially Over With Miami Heat

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Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh’s career has turned into quite the roller coaster ride this decade. He was an All-Star caliber player with the Toronto Raptors, but it never appeared as though that team would reach any noteworthy heights. Then, everything changed when he joined LeBron James and Dwyane wade in Miami, and formed what was set to be a decade-long dynasty. Over the next four years, Bosh became a two-time NBA champion and solidified his place in the Hall of Fame.

Then, LeBron went back to Cleveland. And everything lined up for Bosh to head to Houston and form a new dynasty there with Dwight Howard and James Harden. Instead, he expressed loyalty to the Heat and decided to stick it out there long term. At the end of his first season post-LeBron, things took another dramatic turn.

Blood clots have sidelined Bosh for two seasons in a row. They have threatened his career as a basketball player and his life. And an offseason that began with Wade leaving the Heat for the Chicago Bulls will now end with Bosh leaving the team as well.

It’s frustrating and upsetting news for Heat fans and basketball fans alike. Bosh is one of the great, versatile big men, who is uniquely suited for this era of play. He’s also a perfect compliment to Miami big Hassan Whiteside, and offers a now very young Heat team some veteran leadership.

Hopefully, Miami is betting wrong on Bosh’s health and he will be back in peak shape soon with a different team. What’s more important though is Bosh making the right decision for his health. He has made it extremely clear that he wants to keep playing, but his life and his family are more important than basketball. Hopefully he keeps that in mind and avoids a potentially tragic situation.

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