Top 10 Most Epic Twitter Reactions to Kobe Bryant’s 60-Point Explosion

After a historic night, many NBA players, celebrities and more fled to Twitter to leave a lasting comment on Kobe Bryant and his final game. Kobe was absolutely amazing and no one could deny it.

After one of the worse seasons in history, Bryant had one last game before retirement. Bryant chose to make this game special by giving a 60 point performance and a win to the NBA world.

Bryant was clutch in his final performance and he gave glimpses of his old self. Once the performance wen’t down, Bryant single handedly brought down Twitter. Here are the top 10 most epic twitter reactions to his performance.

10. Kanye West

Kanye West was at the game and he has been a long-time Bryant fan. After the game he tweeted a picture of his shirt which was hilarious.

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