How to Download the Ultimate Legends Roster for NBA 2K16

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You can now download the ultimate legends roster for the popular video game NBA 2K16, thanks to Brian Mazique of

Mazique recently completed something he likes to call the Legends Project, which includes more than 130 created and 60 updated legends. The goal of the project was to complete all-time teams for every single squad in the NBA.

One roster includes numerous versions of individuals legends, while the other doesn’t have any duplicates.

“All player ratings are statistically based with formulas in place to determine each rating and tendency.,, YouTube and other sites with historic data and visuals have been used to make the ratings as realistic as possible,” explained Mazique. “The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs are the top-rated teams followed by the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. The Warriors and Phoenix Suns have the highest-rated offenses at 98 and the Detroit Pistons’ nasty team defense checks is with a 99.”

13 players have been given a rating of 95 or above and that includes: Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls with the highest rate at 99, followed by LeBron James of the Miami Heat who has a rating of 98.

Feel free to view how Mazique created the project in the video below, where he also talks about how you can download the entire roster file online.

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