Five Extremely Disrespectful Things LeBron James Did Against The Pistons

It was no secret that LeBron James does not like the Detroit Pistons, especially during this heated playoff series. Things were getting extremely chippy when a number of disrespectful events happened.

James may be accused of just firing his teammates up, but the things he did showed absolutely no class on the court. Maybe that was James’s plan, but no one will ever know just why there’s so much drama between the two teams.

We bring you five extremely disrespectful things LeBron James did during this game:

5. LeBron Angry at Morris Says He’s ‘Going to F*ck That N*gga Up’

LeBron James and Marcus were going at it all night. When James received a dirty play from Marcus Morris LeBron had this to say:

“I am going to F*ck that N*gga Up”

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