Five Clutch Shots From Kobe Bryant’s Final Game

Kobe Bryant has officially retired, but his last game was definitely one for the books. Bryant’s last game took place in Los Angeles against the Utah Jazz.

Bryant wanted to go out with a win and he got just that. The Lakers faced off against the Jazz in a thrilling game that left most Lakers fans with tears of joy and sadness.

Bryant’s last game was absolutely amazing, not only did Bryant score 60 points in his final outing, but he also displayed flashes of his old self again as he took over in the fourth quarter.

We have compiled five of Kobe’s final shots in his final game just to show you how clutch he was. We hope you enjoy this article as much as we have enjoyed Kobe’s career.

5. Kobe Hits 50 Point Mark

The Lakers were down by eight and Kobe knew the Lakers needed a bucket right away. Kobe drove in hard and forced up a high angle shot and got it to fall down. Kobe brought the Lakers within six. This is where it started to get interesting.

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