NBA News: Paul Pierce to Play One More Year Then Retire With Boston Celtics

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Once upon a time, Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul Pierce looked like he was going to be a Boston Celtics lifer. He was drafted by the Celtics, went through years of ups and downs with the franchise, and finally reached the promised land with the help of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in 2008. Then, things fell apart, Pierce failed to secure a second title in Boston, and before he knew it, he was playing for the Brooklyn Nets with Garnett.

Then he went to the Washington Wizards. And now he is reunited with former Celtics coach Doc Rivers in Los Angeles. Pierce announced a couple of weeks back that this will be his final season in the NBA. But today, he revealed that he plans to go out as a Boston Celtic.

It’s a touching tribute to the team that brought Pierce into the league, and the city where he spent his best years as a player. Even though they finished on less than perfect terms with the Celtics deciding to trade Pierce in order to start their rebuild, it’s great for Celtics fans to hear that the team still holds a good relationship with one of their signature players.

It would have been nice to see Pierce actually suit up and play some more games in a Celtics uniform, especially with Boston set to make a playoff run this year. But it’s the thought that counts, and it feels right for Pierce to retire a Celtic.

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