NBA News: Players Vote on Who They Secretly Wish Was on Their Team

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Last year, the NBPA, National Basketball Player’s Association, implemented the Player’s Voice Awards, an award show where accolades are given to players by players. The players vote on awards like Most Valuable Player and Most Clutch Performer.

One of the more interesting awards is titled Player You Secretly Wish Was On Your Team. This year, it was awarded to LeBron James.

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that players secretly want the best player in the world who has been to six consecutive NBA Finals on their team. It’s likely they watched LeBron lead his team to the greatest comeback in the history of sports in June and thought, “Hey, I’d like me a piece of that.”

The players are of course missing out on the full potential of this specific and super weird award by voting for the obvious choice. It would be much more entertaining if everybody voted for C.J. Watson or Solomon Hill and left the general public to speculate about why.

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