Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James Responds to Teaming up in Cleveland

UPDATE 8:08pm PST:
LeBron James responded to a comment about Carmelo Anthony after suffering another loss, this time against the Sacramento Kings:

This is not the kind of response you want to hear if you are a cavaliers fan.

UPDATE 2:08pm PST:

Earlier today, news came out that the New York Knicks had contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers regarding a trade involving Cavs forward Kevin Love and Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

The Cavs are rumored to be one of the two teams Anthony would be willing to waive his no-trade clause for. The nine-time All-Star would also fill the desire for another playmaker expressed by Cavs superstar LeBron James. But regardless, Cleveland was not interested.

Still, it got people thinking about what it would look like for Anthony to team up with his  James in Cleveland. Those people apparently did not include Anthony himself based on his reaction when he was asked about the potential trade today:

You ask me a question if he thinks I’d want to play with him?” Anthony said. “Yes. I do think he’d want me to play with him. I don’t think he wouldn’t. But I don’t know if that comment was about me. I don’t think I’m the only playmaker in the NBA.”

“I don’t think about [playing with James] — [that’s] not something I think about right now. As far as playing with him, I don’t think about that. I can’t think about that. You know I’m not thinking about that.”


It’s hard to imagine Anthony hasn’t even considered what it would be like to leave New York and play for one of the favorites to win the championship. But he gave a good PR answer and pretended to be focused on the Knicks’ currently disappointing season.

The Knicks clearly want to move Anthony, but they also have a pretty high asking price. If it’s true that the only teams Anthony would be willing to go to are Cleveland and the Los Angeles Clippers, the Knicks may be stuck with him for now.


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