Cavaliers Not Happy With LeBron James’ Recent Tirade Against Team

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After the Cleveland Cavaliers disappointing 124-122 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday, Cavs star LeBron James went off on the Cleveland front office for their failure to add another playmaker to the roster.

James has been calling on his front office to add a backup point guard all season, but this was the most vocally upset he has gotten about it.

The four-time MVP attempted to cool off the controversy around his comments on Twitter the following day, but that did not stop Cavs general manager David Griffin from responding to James publicly and expressing his displeasure with his comments.


Griffin said he hadn’t spoken to majority owner Dan Gilbert about James’ comments, but the team’s executives were clearly irked. “It certainly wasn’t appropriate from a teammate perspective,” Griffin said.

“Griffin said he doesn’t think James said outright that the organization was not committed to winning a title, but: “Anyone insinuating that this organization is about anything other than that would deeply upset me because ownership has invested in this at an absolutely historic level.”

It’s long been felt that the Cavs are James’ team and that he has a much larger role there than your average player. Perhaps this is Griffin blowing back against that perception a bit and showing that he still runs things.

At the same time, it would be awfully foolish of Griffin to not listen to the demands of his best player. The Cavs need another playmaker off of the bench, and it is likely they will go out and get one.

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